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Antibiotic   Tobramycin sulfate  
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Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Bactob India
Beltob India
Bramicil Italy
Brulamycin Germany, Hungary
Eltol India
Fytobra India
Gernebcin Germany
Komitob India
Nebcin Australia, Egypt, Great Britain, Greece, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Saudi Arabia
Nebcina Denmark, Morocco, Norway, Sweden
Nebcine France, Morocco
Nebicina Italy
Obracin Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland
Tobel Turkey
Tobra Germany
Tobra-Gobens Spain
Tobraalex Egypt
Tobracin Egypt
Tobradistin Spain
Tobramicina Italy, Portugal, Spain
Tobramina Brazil
Tobramycin Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, United States of America
Tobramycine Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Tobrasix Austria
Tobrazid Germany
Tomycin Finland

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