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Antibiotic   Ceftriaxone disodium  
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Tradename   Tradename     

Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Acantex Argentina, Chile
Amcef Mexico
Antibacin Greece
Axobat Italy
Azatyl Greece
Baktisef Turkey
Biotrakson Poland
Bixon Italy
Bresec Greece
Cefaday Turkey
Cefonova Sweden
Cefotrix Austria, Denmark, Germany
Cefrag Italy
Cephaxon Turkey
Davixon Italy
Daytrix Italy
Deixim Italy
Desefin Turkey
Eftry Italy
Eqicept Turkey
Farcef Greece
Fidato Italy
Forsef Turkey
Frineg Italy
Gladius Greece
Glorixone Greece
Kappacef Italy
Labilex Greece
Lendacin Croatia, Poland, Russian, Slovenia
Lidacef Croatia
Mesporin Portugal, Saudi Arabia
Nevakson Turkey
Nilson Italy
Novocef Turkey
Oframax Texte introuvable (616, ), Poland
Olisef Slovenia
Panatrix Italy
Pantoxon Italy
Ragex Italy
Rocefalin Spain
Rocefin Brazil, Italy
Rocephalin Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Rocephin Canada, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United States of America
Rocephine Belgium, France, Germany
Sirtap Italy
Tartriakson Poland
Tercefon Austria
Travilan Greece
Unacefin Turkey
Valexime Italy

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