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Antimuscarinic   Atropine sulfate  
Aerosol Eye-drops Oral solution
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Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Atropen United States of America
Atropi S Italy
Atropin Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Venezuela
Atropina Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela
Atropina sulfato Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Peru
Atropine Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia
Atropine sulf ES Saudi Arabia
Atropine sulphate Egypt, Ireland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia
Atropinesulfate Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, United States of America
Atropinsulfat Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Atropinum sulfuricum Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland
Atropion Brazil
Atropisa Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico
Dicatro Iran
Endatropina Argentina
Klonatropina Argentina
Minijet Atropine Great Britain
Stellatropine Belgium
Sulfat de atropina Romania
Sulfato de atropina Argentina, Ecuador
References   Injection   References : Atropine sulfate  
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