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Tài liệu tham khảo : 2472
Các phân tử : 802
Các nhóm dược lý : 46
Độ ổn định của dung dịch : 5733
Độ ổn định khi trộn lẫn : 1165
Các tương kỵ : 11114
Các tên thương mại : 4371
Tin tức - Các phân tử  
Thuốc chống loạn nhịp Dạng tiêm Flecainide acetate 04/12/2020
Kháng sinh Dạng tiêm Cefotiam 04/12/2020
Khác Dung dịch uống Carbimazole 01/12/2020
Thuốc trị ung thư Dạng tiêm Durvalumab 25/11/2020
Kháng sinh Dạng tiêm Imipenem-Cilastatin / Relebactam 12/11/2020
Thuốc trị ung thư Dạng tiêm Avelumab 04/11/2020
Kháng sinh Dạng tiêm Meropenem Vaborbactam 06/09/2020
Thuốc giảm đau Dạng tiêm Dezocine 05/09/2020
Khác Dạng tiêm L-carnitine 05/09/2020
Kháng sinh Dạng tiêm Eravacycline 05/09/2020
Thuốc chống viêm Dung dịch uống Hydrocortisone sodium succinate 21/07/2020
Khác Dạng tiêm Glycerophosphate disodium 11/06/2020
Thuốc chống nấm Dạng tiêm Posaconazole 11/06/2020
Kháng sinh Dung dịch uống Cloxacilline 03/06/2020
Thuốc chống nấm Dung dịch uống Griseofulvine 03/06/2020
Kháng sinh Dung dịch uống Ethambutol hydrochloride 03/06/2020
Thuốc chống viêm Dung dịch uống Hydroxychloroquine sulfate 10/04/2020
Thuốc cản quang Dạng tiêm Ioversol 01/03/2020
Thuốc kháng muscarinic Giải pháp nội tâm Oxybutynin 24/02/2020
Thuốc kháng muscarinic Thuốc nhỏ mắt Atropine sulfate 06/02/2020
Tin tức - Tài liệu tham khảo  
Ngày nhập
4498 Development and validation of a new HPLC method for the analysis of a novel oral suspension formulation of 50 mg/mL ursodesoxycholic acid for newborns. Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy 19/11/2020
4499 Stability evaluation of an extemporaneously compounded carbimazole oral suspension. J Pharm Pract and Res 19/11/2020
4493 Physicochemical stability study of MYL-1401O, a biosimilar of trastuzumab, following a transient temperature excursion. J Oncol Pharm Practice 12/11/2020
4494 Long-term stability of cetuximab - Personal communication to INFOSTAB, November 12, 2020. Merck 12/11/2020
4491 Physical compatibility of alprostadil with selected drugs commonly used in the neonatal intensive care units. Eur J Pedia 03/11/2020
4492 Preparation and physicochemical stability of 50 mg/ml hydroxychloroquine oral suspension in Syrspend pH4 dry. Int J Antimicrob Agents 03/11/2020
4490 Medication Safety in Intravenous Therapy: A Compatibility Study and Analysis of Reaction Products of Dihydralazine and Metamizole. Sci Pharm 02/11/2020
4488 Y-Site Physical Compatibility of Numeta G13E with Drugs Frequently Used at Neonatal Intensive Care. Pharmaceutics 15/10/2020
4483 Imfinzi® (durvalumab). Résumé des caractéristiques du produit. Astra Zeneca 09/10/2020
4482 ZEMDRI (plazomicin) injection, Highlights of Prescribing Information, Cipla USA, Revised: 1/2020 Cipla USA 01/10/2020
4480 Erwinase, Lyophilisate for solution for injection. Jazz Pharmaceuticals UK. 24/09/2020
4479 Long term stability of an admixture of alizapride and ondansetron in 0.9% sodium chloride solution polyolefin bags stored at 5 +/- 3°C. J Oncol Pharm Practice 18/09/2020
4478 Physicochemical Stability of Compounded Allopurinol Suspensions in PCCA Base, SuspendIt. Int J Pharm Compound 14/09/2020
4477 Stability of the trastuzumab biosimilar ABP 980 compared to reference product after intravenous bag preparation, transport and storage at various temperatures, concentration and stress conditions. GaBI Journal 11/09/2020
4474 Avelumab, Bavencio® - Summary of Product Characteristics Updated 01-Nov-2019 Merck - Pfizer 02/09/2020
4473 Study of Physicochemical Stability of Ziconotide in Medication Cassette Reservoir. Neuromodulation 27/08/2020
4471 Amétycine 10 mg poudre pour solution injectable - Résumé des caractéristiques du produit - Oct 10, 2019 Kyowa Kirin Pharma 19/08/2020
4472 Stability of Ophthalmic Atropine Solutions for Child Myopia Control. Pharmaceutics 19/08/2020
4470 Continuous versus intermittent infusion of temocillin in intensive care unit patient. Critical care 17/08/2020
4468 Physicochemical stability of Cefazolin in Polypropylene Syringes and in Elastomeric Devices. EAHP 13/08/2020
4469 Physicochemical Stability of the Bevacizumab Biosimilar, ABP 215, In Intravenous Bags After Preparation and Storage. EAHP 13/08/2020
4467 Avastin 25mg/ml concentrate for solution for infusion- Summary of Product Characteristics, Updated 27-Mar-2020 Roche Products Limited 12/08/2020
4457 Magnocaine: Physical Compatibility and Chemical Stability of Magnesium Sulphate and Lidocaine Hydrochloride in Prefilled Syringes. J Obstet Gynaecol Can 04/08/2020
4458 Compatibility of fosfomycin with different commercial peritoneal dialysis solutions. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infec Dis 04/08/2020
4460 Compatibility of ciprofloxacin with commercial peritoneal dialysis solutions. Scientific reports 04/08/2020
4461 Physicochemical Compatibility and Stability of Linezolid with Parenteral Nutrition. Molecules 04/08/2020
4464 Compatibility of intravenous ibuprofen with lipids and parenteral nutrition, for use as a continuous infusion. PlosOne 04/08/2020
4465 Y-site physical compatibility of hydrocortisone continuous infusions with admixtures used in critically ill patients. Am J Health-Syst Pharm 04/08/2020
4455 Physical and chemical stability of cytarabine in polypropylene syringes. J Oncol Pharm Practice 28/07/2020
4453 Étude de stabilité physico-chimique d’une solution de cloxacilline à 250 mg/mL en seringues polypropylène et à 50-100 mg/mL en diffuseurs portables. Synprefh Congress (Hopipharm), 2020. 21/07/2020

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