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Cardiotonic   Dopamine hydrochloride  
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Tradename   Tradename     

Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Abbodop Denmark, Finland, Sweden
Cardiopal Colombia
Dopadic Iran
Dopadren Turkey
Dopamin Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland
Dopamina Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Venezuela
Dopamine Canada, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, United States of America
Dopaminum Poland
Dopmin Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey
Dynatra Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Giludop Denmark, Greece, Sweden
Intropin Egypt
Miocina Mexico
Myofast Colombia
Myotil Texte introuvable (616, )
Paldopa Peru
Revivan Mexico
Zetarina Mexico

Factors which affect stability   Injection   Factors which affect stability : Dopamine hydrochloride        
Storage Light Induces Degradation 1965
Solvent Glucose 5% Induces Enhanced stability 197
Solvent Parenteral nutrition (with lipids) Induces Degradation 1415
Solvent NaHCO3 Induces Degradation 732
PH PH >7 Induces Degradation 3638
PH PH > 6 Induces Degradation 197
PH PH = 5 Induces Enhanced stability 1397

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