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Research teams : Mont Godinne - Drug Stability Research Group (DSRG) - CHU UCL NAMUR, site de Godinne
Authors : Hecq JD, Evrard JM, Vanbeckbergen DF, Jamart J, Galanti LM.
Title : Effect of freezing, long term storage and microwave thawing on the stability of ceftriaxone sodium in 5% dextrose infusion polyolefin bags at 2-8°C.
Reference : EJHP Science ; 12, 3: 52-56. 2006

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence B
Physical stability : 
Visual examination 
Chemical stability : 
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - Diode Array detector (HPLD-DAD)
Stability defined as 90% of the initial concentration
Other methods : 
PH measurement 
Comments : 
No comments for the degradation products

List of drugs
InjectionCeftriaxone disodium Antibiotic
Stability in solutions Polyethylene Glucose 5% 20 mg/ml -20°C Not specified
98 Day
Stability in solutions Polyethylene Glucose 5% 20 mg/ml 2-8°C Not specified
14 Day

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