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References   Capsule   References : Melatonine  
Type Publication
2872 Journal Haywood A, Burrell A, van Breda K, Testa C, Norris R.
Stability of Melatonin in an Extemporaneously Compounded Sublingual Solution and Hard Gelatin Capsule
Int J Pharm Compound 2009 ; 13, 2: 170-174.
4079 Journal Filali S, Bergamelli C, Tall M.L, Salmon D, Laleye D, Dhelens C, Diouf E, Pivot C, Pirot F.
Formulation, stability testing, and analytical characterization of melatonin-based preparation for clinical trial.
J Pharm Anal 2017 ; 7, 4: 237-243.

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