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Antibiotic   Ciprofloxacin lactate  
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Tradename   Tradename     

Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Aristin C Greece
Baycip Chile, Spain, Sweden
Cepokab Mexico
Ciflosin Turkey
Ciflox France
Cifloxin Chile, Colombia, Malaysia
Cifoblas Colombia
Cifran India
Ciprine India, Switzerland
Ciprinol Croatia, Poland, Romania
Ciprivax Venezuela
Cipro Canada, Turkey, United States of America
Ciprobay Croatia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates
Ciprobid India
Ciproflox Mexico
Ciprofloxacin Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden
Ciprofloxacina Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Romania, Venezuela
Ciprofloxacine Belgium, Morocco, Switzerland
Ciprofloxacino Chile, Colombia, Spain
Ciprohexal Germany
Ciproktan Turkey
Cipromed Croatia
Ciproxan Japan
Ciproxin Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey
Ciproxina Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Venezuela
Ciproxine Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland
Ciproxino Chile
Citeral Croatia
Estecina Spain
Ladinin Malaysia
Nafloxin Greece
Proxacin Poland
Topistin Greece
Truoxin Ireland

Factors which affect stability   Injection   Factors which affect stability : Ciprofloxacin lactate        
Storage Light Induces Degradation 948
Solvent Sodium chloride 0,9% Induces Degradation 3475
Solvent Parenteral nutrition (binary mixture) Induces Degradation 301
Solvent NaHCO3 Induces Degradation 14
Concentration Sodium chloride 0,9%[ 400 mg / ml ] Induces Precipitation 500

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