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Research teams : Menges - Novartis, Menges, Slovenia
Authors : Borišek R, Mischo A, Šmid I.
Title : Study of the Stability of Sandoz Rituximab Biosimilar Rixathon®/Riximyo® When Subjected for up to 21 Days to Ambient Storage.
Reference : Drugs R D ; 22,3: 225–234 2022

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence A+
Physical stability : 
Visual examination Turbidimetry Protein: Size Exclusion Chromatography 
Chemical stability : 
Protein: Peptide mapping
Capillary electrophoresis
Other methods : 
Comments : 

List of drugs
InjectionRituximab Anticancer drug
Stability in solutions Glass None 10 mg/ml 23-32°C Not specified
21 Day

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