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Type : Journal

Research teams : Nancy - University Hospital of Nancy, Department of Pharmacy
Authors : Beiler B, Barraud D, Vigneron J, Demor? B.
Title : Physicochemical stability of an admixture of lidocaine and ketamine in polypropylene syringe used in opioid-free anaesthesia.
Reference : EJHP ;0:1-5 2019

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence A+
Physical stability : 
Visual examination Turbidimetry 
Chemical stability : 
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - Diode Array detector (HPLD-DAD)
Stability defined as 95% of the initial concentration
Other methods : 
PH measurement 
Comments : 

List of drugs
InjectionKetamine hydrochloride General anesthetic
InjectionLidocaine hydrochloride Local anesthetic
Stability of mixtures
Polypropylen Syringe Sodium chloride 0,9% 28°C Protect from light
Injection Lidocaine hydrochloride 20 mg/ml
Injection Ketamine hydrochloride 2,5 mg/ml
48 Hour

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