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Type : Journal
Web link : 10.1177/20503121221135568

Research teams : King of Prussia - Paratek Pharmaceuticals, King of Prussia, USA.
Authors : Bower J, Wright K, Burdette J.
Title : Prepared omadacycline for injection: Nine-day stability and sterility in an elastomeric pump.
Reference : SAGE Open Medicine ; 10: 20503121221135568. 2022

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence A+
Physical stability : 
Visual examination Particle counting 
Chemical stability : 
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - ultraviolet detector (HPLC-UV)
Stability defined as 95% of the initial concentration
Other methods : 
PH measurement Measurement of osmolality 
Comments : 
Repeatability / reproducibility / standard range: results not provided or results outside specified values
Degradation products identified and quantified

List of drugs
InjectionOmadacycline Antibiotic
Stability in solutions Silicone elastomer NaCl 0,9% or Glucose 5% 1 mg/mL 2-8°C Not specified
9 Day

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