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Research teams : Mont Godinne - Drug Stability Research Group (DSRG) - CHU UCL NAMUR, site de Godinne
Authors : Lardinois B, Dimitriou A, Delcave C, Soumoy L, Jamart J, Bihin B, Hecq J-H, Galanti L.M.
Title : Long-term Physicochemical Stability of Concentrated Solutions of Isosorbide Dinitrate in Polypropylene Syringes for Administration in the Intensive Care Unit.
Reference : Int J Pharm Compound ;24,1:64-68 2020

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence C+
Physical stability : 
Visual examination Turbidimetry Microscopic examination 
Chemical stability : 
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - Diode Array detector (HPLD-DAD)
Stability defined as 90% of the initial concentration
Other methods : 
Comments : 

List of drugs
InjectionIsosorbide dinitrate Vasodilator
Stability in solutions Polypropylen Syringe Sodium chloride 0,9% 0,6 mg/ml 2-8°C Protect from light
28 Day

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