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Research teams : Créteil - Henri Mondor University Hospital, Department of Pharmacy
Authors : Paul M, Vieillard V, Jaccoulet E, Astier A.
Title : Long-term stability of diluted solutions of the monoclonal antibody rituximab.
Reference : Int J Pharm ; 436, 1-2: 282-290. 2012

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence A+
Physical stability : 
Turbidimetry Protein: Size Exclusion Chromatography Protein: Thermal Aggregation Curve 
Chemical stability : 
Protein: ionic chromatography
Protein: ultraviolet spectrometry and second derivative
Protein: intrared spectrometry and second derivative
Other methods : 
Protein: biological activity 
Comments : 
Proteins: biological activity by cell culture

List of drugs
InjectionRituximab Anticancer drug
Factors which affect stability Temperature 40°C Induces Degradation
Stability in solutions Polyolefine Sodium chloride 0,9% 1 mg/ml 2-8°C Protect from light
180 Day

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