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Research teams : Winnipeg - University of Manitoba, Faculty of Pharmacy
Authors : Cote D, Lok CE, Battistella M, Vercaigne L.
Title : Stability of Trisodium Citrate and Gentamicin Solution for Catheter Locks after Storage in Plastic Syringes at Room Temperature.
Reference : Can J Hosp Pharm ; 63, 4: 304-311. 2010

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence B
Physical stability : 
Chemical stability : 
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - ultraviolet detector (HPLC-UV)
Stability defined as 95% of the initial concentration
Other methods : 
PH measurement 
Comments : 
No visual inspection
No comments for the degradation products

List of drugs
InjectionGentamicin sulfate Antibiotic
Stability in solutions Polyethylene Water for Injection 2,5 mg/ml 25°C With or without light
112 Day
InjectionTrisodium citrate Various
Stability in solutions Polyethylene Water for Injection 40 mg/ml 25°C Protect from light
112 Day
Stability of mixtures
Polyethylene Water for Injection 25°C Protect from light
Injection Gentamicin sulfate 2,5 mg/ml
Injection Trisodium citrate 40 mg/ml
112 Day

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