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Research teams : Louvain - Drug Research Institute, University of Louvain
Authors : Berthoin K, Le Duff, CS , Marchand-Brynaert J, Carryn S, Tulkens PM
Title : Stability of meropenem and doripenem solutions for administration by continuous infusion
Reference : J Antimicrob Chemother ; 65: 1073-1075 2010

Level of Evidence : 
Level of evidence D
Physical stability : 
Chemical stability : 
Stability defined as 90% of the initial concentration
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - Diode Array detector (HPLD-DAD)
Other methods : 
Comments : 
Stability indicating capability inadequately assessed
Repeatability / reproducibility / standard range: results not provided or results outside specified values
No visual inspection
Unencrypted results (eg graphic)
No comments for the degradation products

List of drugs
injectionDoripenem Antibiotic
Stability in solutions Glass Water for Injection 10 mg/ml 25°C Not specified
24 Hour
Stability in solutions Glass Water for Injection 10 mg/ml 37°C Not specified
12 Hour
injectionMeropenem Antibiotic
Factors which affect stability Temperature Increase Induces Degradation
Factors which affect stability Concentration Increase Induces Reduced stability
Stability in solutions Glass Water for Injection 40 mg/ml 25°C Not specified
12 Hour

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