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Stabilitatea si compatibilitatea medicamentelor
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Baze de date  
Bibiografie : 2052
Molecula (substanta activa) : 713
Clasa farmacologica : 40
Stabilitatea solutiilor : 4309
Stabilitatea in amestec : 967
Incompatibilitati : 2636
Denumirea comerciala : 1938
Noutati - Molecula (substanta activa)  
Antiparazitar Injectabil Artesunate 10/11/2015
Diverse Injectabil Gelatin 10/11/2015
Simpatomimetic Colir Phenylephrine hydrochloride 24/09/2015
Beta-stimulant Aerosol Formotérol fumarate 24/09/2015
Antihipertensiv Soluţie orală Quinapril 03/09/2015
Antiinflamator Soluţie orală Prednisone 03/09/2015
Antibiotic Soluţie orală Metronidazole benzoate 02/09/2015
Antifungic Injectabil Isavuconazonium sulfate 15/08/2015
Antibiotic Injectabil Ceftolozane / tazobactam 15/08/2015
Antibiotic Injectabil Ceftazidime Avibactam 22/06/2015
Diverse Injectabil Lenograstim 22/06/2015
Citostatic Injectabil Pegaspargase 15/06/2015
Citostatic Injectabil Crisantaspase 15/06/2015
Imunosupresor Colir Sirolimus 09/06/2015
Antibiotic Soluţie orală Sulfadiazine 09/06/2015
Citostatic Soluţie orală Methotrexate 09/06/2015
Antibiotic Unguente Azithromycin 09/06/2015
Hipoglicemiant Injectabil Insulin aspart 07/06/2015
Antialgic Injectabil Methadone 07/06/2015
Antiviral Soluţie orală Zidovudine 10/05/2015
Noutati - Bibiografie  
Data de intrare
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3802 Stability of captopril in invert sugar solution J Clin Pharm Ther 15/02/2015
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3796 High dose intravitreal ganciclovir for CMV retinitis: a shelf life and cost comparison study. Br Ophtalmol 14/02/2015
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3766 Compatibilité de l’acétylcystéine injectable lors de son administration en Y avec d’autres médicaments usuels Pharmactuel 06/11/2014
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3758 Feasibility and stability of metaraminol in pre-filled syringes. J Pharm Pract and Res 10/10/2014

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